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Learn more about our EF5 certified above ground storm shelters.

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See how our tornado shelter can be incorporated into your new construction project.

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FamilySAFE of Texas & Louisiana
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EF5-certified and tested above ground storm shelters in Texas. Add tornado protection to your home in as little as one hour. Family SAFE Texas storm shelters meet or exceed all safety and engineering standards for storm shelters in the United States, and are FEMA and ICC/500 compliant.

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Family SAFE Texas storm shelters have been through some of the worst tornadoes on record, including the May 21st, 2013 Moore Oklahoma tornado. Even in the face of these harrowing storms our shelters have never failed.

That's because at Family SAFE we over-engineer our products. That means we go beyond the stated safety standards. In fact, Family SAFE meets or exceeds every criteria for above ground storm shelters, both public and private. That means you can count on our tornado shelters when you need them most.

Get a FREE quote today, or call us to get started. Our trained dealers will work with you to find the perfect storm shelter for you and your family.

214-564-8180 • 866-570-2929


FamilySAFE Storm Shelter Survived EF-5 Tornado on May 21, 2013 - Moore, OK

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See a Family SAFE Storm Shelter after a 2014 Arkansas Tornado

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214-564-8180 • 866-570-2929

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